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Figital Security is a 360° strategic consultancy specialized in Cybersecurity and GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance). Combining experience with innovative technologies, we support organizations in solving complex Information Security & Cybersecurity problems. We are highvalue partner who will works alongside you to maintain and expand your business in the digital world.

Our work

Figital Security’s mission is to make organizations safe against cyber and systemic threats. We provide GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) and cyber defense solutions, powered by industry-leading experience, intelligence, and innovative technology.


Protect your company against cyber and systemic attacks

Every company needs to give information security significant consideration. The objective is to create processes that avoid internal failures and monitor potential risks, reducing possible damage caused by threats and intrusions.

Module 1



Understand the main aspects of the current situation and identify the business’s drivers.

Module 2



Build the future vision of the architecture and operational model.

Module 3



Define and approve the integrated evolution plan.

You can contract by module or the complete Figital solution

Stay focused on your business: 360° Protection

Figital Security offers proactive monitoring across multiple layers of defense. We go far beyond technology, as we add very welldefined monitoring & compliance processes in order to strengthen your security strategy.


Figital 360° Security Platform Solutions

Application Security

Application Security

We guide development teams on best practices for application security.

Attack & PenTest

Attack & PenTest

Offensive security experts at Figital Security identify your company's main vulnerabilities and security holes before real attacks impact business results, brand reputation or the confidentiality of the company's information and that of its customers.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security

To ensure an organization is ready for the rapidly approaching cloud native future, it must prepare for new security challenges.

Backup em Nuvem

Cloud Backup

With LGPD, companies need to protect their data and that of their customers as much as possible, in addition to ensuring business continuity against data loss.

Network Security

Network Security

Our ultra-fast internet speed allows your company to be more productive.

End Point Security

End Point Security

The endpoint is usually the gateway to most security threats in your company. It is crucial, therefore, to protect the workstations of employees, partners and third parties, whether they are computers, notebooks or mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets connected to the network.

Identity Management

Identity Management

Services that allow the management of the credentials and access of an organization's users, controlling and protecting the usage rights of each employee.​

Data Security​

Data Security​

Data-driven companies are those that direct their processes and operations based on structured and integrated analysis of information and data. As a data-based strategy has become a competitive differentiator in business, maintaining data integrity and security is essential for the organization's future.

Datacenter Security

Datacenter Security

An adequate and tested recovery plan ensures the company's development.

Segurança Patrimonial​

Property security

A vandal-resistant video security system for high-value environments.

Device management

Device management

Our cybersecurity experts take care of your company's security controls.

Monitoramento 365 Proativo (SOC)

365 Proactive Monitoring (SOC)

We have the most advanced monitoring and incident control tools to ensure our customers have the best availability rates.​


We work with the most innovative technological solutions on the market, developed by the largest international manufacturers.

To combat increasingly frequent threats, it is necessary to act proactively, joining forces with the main IT companies on the market. Figital Security has strategic partnerships with the main cybersecurity software companies to offer ‘best of breed’ solutions in its portfolio.


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